This is Balingsholm

With its proximity to the city and its beautiful surroundings, Balingsholm is an excellent alternative for meetings. Or, as our guests like to put it, “It’s the country in the middle of town.”

We offer great food and peace and quiet as well as woods and lake right next to our manor house.

The surrounding countryside is virtually untouched, which makes our estate unique in the Stockholm area. One of the benefits of a big city is its transport services. It is easy and fast to get to Balingsholm by car or public transport. You can get the commuter train to Huddinge Centre or the mainline train to Flemingsberg.


Master Builder Tisell built the manor house in 1906. It was then acquired by the Royal Court as a residence for Gustaf V’s youngest son, Prince Erik, who lived here until 1916.

Civil engineer, Frank Hirsch, became the next owner of Balingsholm. The family used Balingsholm as a summer residence the first years, but after renovating the house, Frank Hirsch moved in with his wife Ina and daughter Karin. It is the Hirsch family who has left its mark on the surroundings and created the charm the old manor house still has today.

Frank Hirsch had this text chiselled in stone over the entrance:

"The whole world was at war,

But may this evergreen place remain at peace."

1916 * 17

The municipality of Huddinge bought Balingsholm in 1964, mainly for the land belonging to the estate, as there were plans to build housing here.

Not a lot of housing was built and, instead, you will find working farms in the area around the estate. For the 20 years Huddinge owned the estate, the manor house was rented out for celebrations and parties.

In 1984, the municipality decided to sell the estate to the Soviet embassy, but the inhabitants of Huddinge were furious so the municipality backed down and decided to sell the property by tender.

Gerd Gustafzon won the tender and started on a complete restoration. The original buildings have been renovated with comfort and efficiency for conferences in mind. The present business was founded on 4 March 1985.

Today, Lottie and Bertil Orrvik own and manage Balingsholm, a modern conference facility with a good reputation and known for its beautiful surroundings, good country food and personal service.

If you go to the Stockholm County Museum, you will find some lovely, historical pictures of Balingsholm.

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Balingsholm Kursgård AB

Balingsnäsvägen 27

141 91 Huddinge

Phone: +46(0) 8–608 88 80



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By car from Stockholm: approx. 16 km

By car from Södertälje: 28 km

Travel time from Arlanda Airport: 55 min


LAT: 59,22610168

LONG : 18,02876189


Public transport from Stockholm – approx. 35 min.

Commuter train 36 from Stockholm Central Station to Södertälje Centre. Get off at Huddinge.

Bus 744 from Huddinge Centre going to Balingsnäs. Get off at Balingsnäs. Walk for about 1700 metres to Balingsnäsvägen 27, Huddinge.


You can find more detailed directions here.


Balingsholm · Balingsnäsvägen 27 · 141 91 Huddinge · Telephone +46 8 608 88 80 ·