Manor house kitchen

The highlight of a conference is often a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. Our manor house kitchen serves a varied and high quality cuisine based on seasonal ingredients. Our chefs are more than happy to create menus with classic Swedish dishes as well as meals from other parts of the world.

You will find commitment and knowledge in our kitchen. We get inspiration from our orchard, the countryside around Balingsholm and from green cuisine. Our chefs use organic ingredients and carefully choose the meat and fish that we use.

We are happy to plan our menu around the wishes of our guests.

After working late, our midnight snacks taste extra good and we can offer a special menu.

Late Night Snacks (pdf)

As we are so close to Stockholm, we are also an excellent choice for business lunches.


Our wine stewards can recommend wine to go with the evening menu.

Large wine pairing menu: 1 glass of wine with the starter; 1 glass of wine with the main course; 1 glass of dessert wine. 224 SEK (excluding VAT)

Small wine pairing menu: 1 glass of wine with the starter and 1 glass of wine with the main course. 184 SEK (excluding VAT)

After dinner, it is always pleasant to relax in one of our tastefully decorated drawing rooms with coffee and a liqueur and, perhaps, some good entertainment.

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