Here are some ideas for activities that you might enjoy while you are staying with us – depending on time, season and what you want to do. We collaborate with instructors who are experienced in the various activities and adventures that we suggest – so you are in safe hands.

This is a selection of what we can offer. If you find an activity that looks interesting, then please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will send you a document with more information and prices.

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Mind & Body

Calm & Inspiring

Food & Drink


Team Building

Mind & Body

Mindfulness in nature – Open your senses and experience more of the world around you. Be more present, in the here and now.

Workout – suitable for everyone. If you want a fun and varied training activity, then this is a good choice.

Qi Gong, Yoga – Take a break and focus on relaxation and concentration.

Inspirational talk – Finding a balance in life; endless work; perform well while also feeling good: can these go hand in hand? A talk to add interest to your conference.

Outdoor hot tub – for relaxation.

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Calm & Inspiring

Be a star – Dress up as your favourite music star, write a text and then do the performance of your life. Always wanted to be like the Beatles, Kiss, Dolly Parton or John Travolta? Live out your dream for a short while!

Cut your own CD – At last you can record your very own song! Re-write the lyrics of a well-known song and then, after a quick rehearsal, it’s time to step into the recording studio and get in front of that mike. On with the headphones, start dancing and sing at the top of your lungs.

British pub games – customize your own best-of-five competition: choose from our many ‘British Pub Games’ selection.

Garden party – A mixture of old pub games and garden party activities. Best combined with a picnic.

Bed of coals – Walk over hot coals. Focus required. Do you dare?

Ice sculpting – Making your own ice sculpture is a relaxing and creative activity that boosts team spirit. Available all year round.

Kayaking – so much more than just paddling. An experience that is hard to describe; it has to be experienced.

Kinect: video game battle – Challenge your colleagues in slalom, javelin and white water rafting or why not try something calmer like golf or bowling?

Creative painting – no prior knowledge needed. All you have to do is feel the joy of creating something to music. A session that is suitable for team building in staff welfare programs, for example, or as a kick-off activity. This can also be used as an energy booster.

Curling without ice – Instead of sliding stones on ice, you slide rubber discs with ball bearings on a hard, flat surface.

Sing out – Sing together with your colleagues and discover new sides to each other. We sing well-known songs in simple arrangements so that everyone can join in, whether they have choir experience or not.

Murder mystery – You are assigned a character that you role-play during the mystery, which takes place during dinner. Entertaining incidents occur throughout the evening.

Music quiz – music competition accompanied by a troubadour.

Poker and Blackjack – Who has the best poker face?

Test your senses – Use all your senses to answer questions where smell, taste, feeling and hearing come into play. The activity finishes with a drink that you have to identify.

Quiz walks – Traditional quiz questions or something harder that requires a little more collaboration and time.

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Food & Drink

Different kinds of tastings are always popular. We can offer wine, beer, whisky, brandy or champagne tastings.

Find your five flavours – Taste our five basic flavours matched with different wines. You’ll try lemon, tomato, endive, apple and blue cheese paired with wines that have a high or low acidity for a great taste experience! You’ll also learn which food pairs well (and badly) with wine and why. An unusual and wonderful tasting!

Four shades of brown – Learn more about four shades of brown: coffee, tobacco, chocolate and West Indian rum.

Starters – A cooking experience in small groups. Each group gets the necessary utensils and ingredients of the finest quality.

Gastro-tour around Balingsholm – You’ll find something for both stomach and brain at four stations in our grounds: something to eat and drink together with three questions at each station to kick-start discussion. You start off at the first station with a glass of red wine and a glass of white together with your questions. You take your drinks to the next three stations, get into groups and answer questions while also tasting chocolate, meats and cheese.

Liquorice tasting – This is where you discover that liquorice is not just a kind of candy but is also a plant.

Cheese tasting – For those of you who want to enjoy different kinds of cheeses. This tasting includes a short history, information about production and ageing of cheese as well as what cheeses go with what. You’ll try both hard and soft cheeses along with different kinds of goat, pasteurised and blue cheeses.

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Swedish rallycross, quad bikes, Crazy Cars and more – There is a large racing facility only ten minutes away by car.

Big Table Football – Traditional table football but in a huge format. Five people in each team.

“Bumper” football – an unusual and fun activity; like normal football but the way you play it is anything but normal.

Highland Games – Participants get a kilt and classic headgear and then go on to compete in 5-8 classic Scottish events.

Paintball – We have a paintball park right next to our conference facility. A lovely wooded area with great terrain and many natural hiding spots. We have all the necessary equipment and experienced staff to lead the event.

Segway – indoor or outdoor. We have something for both adventurous and more cautious guests, including relay competitions, games, obstacle courses and Segway polo!

Shooting – Laser clay pigeon shooting, clay pigeon shooting and shooting with pistols.

Summer and winter Olympics – A playful competition with various events. The activity kicks off with an Olympic Torch Relay and the lighting of the Olympic flame and then we start the events, designed to suit the time of year.

Sumo wrestling or Sumo football – Put on a Sumo suit and then wrestle or play football in an inflatable arena.

Team Trial – A competition in three stages and with a different vehicle for each stage, for example: a scooter, a space hopper, mini skis and a soft ball.

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Team Building

The Accumulator – A fun team activity with teams competing in different challenges. Five different events: shooting, a quiz, building, pictures and a relay. Do the participants believe in their own or their opponents’ skills, knowledge and assessment abilities? Evaluate your efforts and do it right for the best results.

Calling Balingsholm – Solve various missions and work together with the help of two-way radios and maps.

Build – Make a go-kart, raft or catapult and finish with a race.

Checkpoint 59 – The captains guide their teams via two-way radios. You have to listen, trust and follow orders to find as many checkpoints as you can in 59 minutes!

Dream construction – Boost creativity. Each group uses ice lolly sticks and glue to build what they want.

Pentathlon – An easier, traditional pentathlon with or without an instructor.

Make a film – Now you and your colleagues have the chance to make a new advert for your company! You film and edit with an iPad. An enjoyable and creative activity.

Treasure hunt – An advanced quiz. You get clues at the various checkpoints to get to the treasure.

Team-building triathlon – Choose from tic tac toe using people, golf putting, completing a puzzle, rope tricks and hillclimb racing.

The Challenge – Collaborate, plan, co-ordinate and take the initiative with equipment in your backpack to solve as many tasks as you can.

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We hope this gives you a good idea of what we can offer you. For more details or to discuss arrangements, please give us a call!

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